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Talent is being sought for a number of roles in the feature film “School Spouses.” The book club members whose partners are enrolled in a top business school are the subject of the romantic comedy.

The project is looking for male and female actors between the ages of 24 and 32 to play the chef Mark and the new club member Amelia, respectively. In August, in Boston, Massachusetts, there will be filming. Talent is going to get $300 a day.

‘School Spouses’

Seeking talent across the country (United States)

positions with up to $3,000 in salary

Concerning the project

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Choosing the cast for the romantic comedy “School Spouses,” which follows participants in a reading club for spouses of students at elite business schools.

Project Roles

Performers and Actors

Lead. Man. 24-32
A chef who, before his partner ended their relationship, joined a book club for spouses of business school graduates.
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Lead: Woman, 24-32
A recent recruit to the book club who quit her career to join her fiancé, Jason, to Boston. Trying to make friends in order to blend in with Jason’s new classmates, but frustrated about having to move.
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Male. Supporting. 24-32
Former fiancé now enrolled in business school. Charming on the surface, yet a little vacuous and conceited.
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Female. Supporting. 24-32
The book club leader, who is proud of her standing in the school. Both frustratingly kind and annoyingly upbeat.
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Members of the Book Club
Day Player: 24-32, All Genders
Participants in the book club, friends in different situations, and differing degrees of involvement in the events Laura organizes.
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Dates & Locations

Filming in Boston this August.

Pay & Contract

Jason: Supporting

Rate: $300.00 USD per day
Pay in full: US$900.00 for a projected three days of labor

Members of the Book Club: Day Player

Rate: $300.00 USD per day
Pay in full: US$600.00 for a potential two-day workday

All other roles:

Rate: $300.00 USD per day
Pay in full: US$3,000.00 for a projected 10-day workweek

Important Information

  • Seeking talent across the country (United States)
  • positions with up to $3,000 in salary


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