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After almost 15 years, Bob Iger will be retiring as the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Officially, his contract did not end until 2021, but the executive has decided to move forward and leave the position in advance. To occupy this place, The Board of Directors appointed Bob Chapek […]

Steven Spielberg ’embarrassed’ by daughter’s porn career

Mark Wood

The previous week, Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Mikaela, announced that she would be turning to a career in porn. She also said that she had full support from her father, Steven Spielberg, and mother, Kate Capshaw. According to sources close with the family, however, Mikaela’s new career made both Steven and […]

Gigi Hadid explodes against Jake Paul in defense of Zayn Malik!

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After the YouTuber, Jake Paul insulted Zayn Malik,Gigi Hadid, explodes against the YouTuber in defense of his partner. Zayn Malik is Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend. Although staying away from social networks, Zayn Malik became the center of attention in social networks after a YouTuber named Jake Paul made negative comments against […]

B Smith, restaurateur and model dies at 70

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Restaurateur and magazine publisher, author, lifestyle icon, chef, and model, B Smith has died at age 70, her husband said. B. Smith’s real name is Barbara Elaine Smith. Her husband said in a Facebook post on Saturday night; she has died of complications from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Her husband, Gasby, […]