An intruder carrying a rainbow flag interrupts the World Cup play between Portugal and Uruguay.

World Cup

On Monday, a pitch invader brandishing a rainbow flag momentarily interrupted the World Cup play between Portugal and Uruguay at the Lusail Iconic Stadium. The FIFA worldwide broadcast feed avoided showing the intruder, but the individual could be seen sprinting on the field while being pursued by security personnel. Due to two second-half goals by … Read more

Maya buckets video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Maya Buckets video

Maya buckets video Leaked on Twitter. Hello everyone, once again we’ll be providing the latest viral details about Watch Link Mayas Buckets Leaks Video Twitter leak Viral Largest, which is currently a great virtual entertainment service. Here’s a video showing how to remove a persistent virus from the infection creator. In exchange media such as … Read more

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has stated that his nation’s nuclear arsenal will be the most powerful in the world.

Kim Jong

State media reported on Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stated that his country aspires to have the world’s most formidable nuclear force as he promoted scores of military commanders involved in the recent launch of a new ballistic missile. Kim inspected a November 18 test of the Hwasong-17, North Korea’s largest intercontinental … Read more

Eagles 40, Packers 33 (Recap)


Below is a detailed recap of the game for your viewing pleasure. Only twice this season have the Eagles lost the coin toss. The Eagles will receive the first kickoff of the game. • After two incomplete passes, Jalen Hurts scrambled 24 yards to convert 3rd-and-10 at the Eagles’ 49. Darnell Savage, a defensive back … Read more

Check out Tony Lopez viral video trending on Twitter

Tony Lopez viral video

Watch Tony Lopez Leaked Viral Video Trends On Twitter As soon as the Tony Lopez Leaked Viral Video was released and went viral, a few others tied to his account started making their way online and on social media sites. This footage has gained tremendous interest and has become one of the most popular topics … Read more

Somebody – Netflix Series Review


SOMEBODY on Netflix is a new thriller series from South Korea. It is a story about serial killers that is incredibly character-driven. The season contains eight shorter-than-one-hour-long episodes. Read our complete season 1 review of Somebody here! New Netflix thriller series SOMEBODY features a serial murderer premise. This is a South Korean production, which you … Read more

Wednesday: Season 1 Review on Netflix


The new sitcom WEDNESDAY on Netflix follows the young Wednesday Addams. The season’s eight episodes are well-paced and utilized, and Jenna Ortega is a fantastic fit for the title role. Read our season 1 review of Wednesday here! The new Netflix comedy WEDNESDAY follows Wednesday Addams as she begins her studies at the Nevermore Academy. … Read more