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Dominion InnerTainment is casting for “DAWN,” a short film about a woman named Dawn who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and transformation after discovering a small plant growing from her finger.

Actors aged 18–60 are needed for four roles, including the lead role of Dawn. Filming will occur in late July in Los Angeles and the surrounding mountain areas. Compensation ranges from $125 to $200 per day for up to four days of work.


Seeking talent across the country (United States)
roles that can pay up to $80.00

Concerning the project

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Casting the new short film “DAWN” Dawn embarks on a transformative and self-discovering journey when she wakes up and discovers a little plant sprouting out of her finger.

Project Roles

Performers and Actors

DAWN: Lead – Female – Aged 18 to 25 TPY – Black or African American
Lead: Female; Ages 18 to 25
Dawn, 17, is a modest, kind young lady. She has a miraculous metamorphosis and finds her voice after awakening to an unusual discovery. Must be comfortable having skin and facial prostheses applied.

Ethnicity: African American or Black

Media Requirements: Headshot or Photo
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Dates & Locations

filming in late July of 2024. Los Angeles and the Mountains Around It.

Pay & Contract

  • Pricing: $125.00 to $200.00 per day
  • Total Pay: Between US$500.00 and US$800.00 for about four days of labor

Important Information

  • Seeking talent across the country (United States)
  • roles that can pay up to $80.00

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