Understanding Amanda Hanson’s Passing: Cause of Death, Age, and Bio

Amanda was a compassionate journalist, a dedicated colleague, and a friend, proudly contributing to the community of Memphis. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Amanda Hanson, the Digital Innovation Leader at Action News 5.

Amanda's memories will be treasured, and her legacy will endure untouched.
Amanda’s memories will be treasured, and her legacy will endure untouched.

She played a pivotal role in our digital coverage and joined the Action News 5 team in 2021.

Amanda utilized her expertise throughout the year, working diligently to enhance our news channel’s digital presence.

She occasionally stepped in front of the camera to deliver breaking news.

Her presence infused our entire team with enthusiasm and dedication.

As a key member of the management, she served as an advisor on all digital aspects, excelling particularly in the practical wisdom of social media.

How did Amanda News anchor die:

Amanda’s passing occurred at the age of 38, and her death is profoundly tragic.

Amanda Hanson's died.
Amanda Hanson’s died.

Between 2010 and 2021, Amanda worked for Channel 8 KAIT for several years.

At the beginning of this week, Amanda faced an unforeseen and distressing medical emergency due to undisclosed complications.

Despite the doctors’ exhaustive efforts to save Amanda, she could not recover, and she passed away, causing immediate grief for her friends and family.

Amanda’s family has not disclosed any significant reason for her death. At this time, they seek to spend as much time as possible reminiscing about Amanda.

Amanda achieved numerous awards during her successful and unstoppable career, reflecting her accomplishments.

The entire community is deeply saddened and shocked by Amanda’s sudden demise.

Many people, while expressing their condolences, have shared kind words, empathy, and delightful memories, illuminating the world around her.

She lived a life of hard work, meeting everyone with joy.

Her family, friends, and the community feel the profound impact of this great loss. However, Amanda’s memorable moments will continue to be cherished as an enduring celebration of life.

Amanda Hanson’s Age and Biography

Amanda was born in 1986, and by 2024, she was 38 years old. In the recent past, in 2020, Amanda earned her degree in Strategic Communications, and whatever she acquired, she shared with our team.

Amanda succumbed to a health condition and passed away.
Amanda succumbed to a health condition and passed away.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Amanda was an extraordinary individual. She began her career as a news anchor at Cape Girardeau Radio in 2015, where she became a beloved figure over the years.

After working as a popular anchor for several years, she returned to her hometown, Memphis, in 2021 to work with Action News 5.

Amanda and her colleagues celebrated Friday morning with a lively “dance party” video on social media in Good Morning Region 8. This festive celebration, accompanied by energetic moves, brought to life Amanda’s vibrant enthusiasm, earning her the title of “Dancin’ Hanson” at work.

In addition to her journalistic prowess, Amanda was a cherished companion to numerous colleagues. Her dynamic character and compassionate nature left a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to be acquainted with her.

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The recent union with Darren brought boundless happiness, vividly depicted in a delightful video capturing their joyous dance within the newly refurbished kitchen.

Amanda’s engaging narratives about home transformations never ceased to evoke laughter, contributing to an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

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