FedEx introduces a new commerce platform for merchants

FedEx made a significant announcement today, unveiling its own commerce platform named FDX.

FedEx introduces a new commerce .
FedEx introduces a new commerce .

Positioned to rival Amazon, FDX offers a range of services for merchants, including demand generation, fulfillment, tracking, and post-purchase experiences like returns.

While FDX is currently in private preview, with a broader launch slated for fall 2024, interested businesses can express their intent to participate through a provided form. The pilot program participants, however, were not disclosed in the company’s announcement.

Despite the buzzwords like “data-driven” and “digitally-led” surrounding the unveiling, specific details on how FDX will stand out from existing platforms remain scant.

FedEx highlighted that merchants can leverage its services, such as ShopRunner (acquired in 2020), for various functions like reaching customers, displaying estimated delivery times, managing carts, tracking packages, assessing the carbon emission impact of deliveries, and handling returns.


In contrast, Amazon has long offered Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), allowing merchants to utilize the company’s robust shipping and logistics infrastructure.

Amazon expanded its services over the years, enabling third-party merchants to list Prime-eligible items on their own sites, incorporating Amazon reviews, and introducing new perks for Buy With Prime, such as streamlined returns and enhanced customer support.

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Reports from 2022 suggested that Amazon has been outperforming competitors FedEx and UPS in U.S. package deliveries.



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