The Chinese military successfully circumvents US restrictions on Nvidia chips.

Despite the US ban, the Chinese military and government have managed to procure Nvidia chips. Publicly available tender documents reveal that numerous Chinese entities have bought Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips, extensively utilized in artificial intelligence applications. Amid ongoing trade tensions, a detailed examination of tender documents by Reuters reveals a nuanced story about the … Read more

Zayn Malik’s Urdu Single Sparks Joy Among Fans

Zayn Malik‘s collaboration with the popular Pakistani band Aur has brought immense joy to fans who are thrilled that the British singer is fluent in Urdu. A remake of Aur’s breakout hit “Tu Hai Kahan” features the ex-One Direction singer delivering vocals in Urdu. While the original version of the song boasts over 95 million … Read more

Amazon Cuts Jobs at Twitch, MGM, and Prime Video

Amazon Plans Significant Job Cuts at Twitch, Prime Video, and MGM Studios Over 500 Twitch employees, constituting a third of the streamer’s workforce, are expected to be laid off, according to a note from CEO Dan Clancy. Amazon also announced that several hundred employees at Prime Video and the film studio MGM will lose their … Read more

Australia Police Thwart Alleged Plot to Kill OneFour Rap Group Members

Australian police apprehend two men, Brandon Maseuli and Yousef Rima, in connection with an alleged plot to kill four members of the rap group OneFour. The individuals, linked to an international criminal syndicate originating in Lebanon, face multiple charges, including conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, directing a criminal group, and various drug and robbery-related offenses. Maseuli, … Read more

Pennon Group Acquires Sutton East Surrey Water for £380 Million

Pennon Group acquires Sutton and East Surrey (SES) Water for £380m to enhance its presence in Southern England. In October, the water regulator Ofwat urged SES and other sector firms to improve financial performance amid challenges in water quality and leak reduction. Pending approval from the Competition and Markets Authority, the deal adds SES’s 750,000 … Read more

Skepta Issues Apology and Takes Down Single Artwork Following Holocaust Criticism

Skepta Apologizes and Removes Gas Me Up (Diligent) Single Artwork Amid Holocaust Controversy Skepta expressed regret and took down the artwork for his latest single, Gas Me Up (Diligent), after facing accusations of referencing the Holocaust. The controversial image featured men with shaved heads, with one having the words “Gas Me Up” tattooed across his … Read more

Vaccine Investigation Delayed Due to COVID Inquiry

The Covid inquiry, initially scheduled to commence evidence on vaccine and drug development this summer, has faced a delay. Witness hearings are now expected to take place at a later date, likely after the upcoming general election. Baroness Hallett, chairing the inquiry, acknowledged the decision might disappoint some. However, she emphasized the necessity for additional … Read more