Uniqlo is suing Shein for copying a popular viral shoulder bag

Uniqlo has initiated legal proceedings against Shein, alleging that the Chinese fast fashion giant is selling replicas of Uniqlo’s popular “Mary Poppins” shoulder bag.

Uniqlo's online hit: the nylon cross-body bag.
Uniqlo’s online hit: the nylon cross-body bag.

In the legal case filed in Tokyo, it is claimed that some of Shein’s bags “closely resemble” those of Uniqlo, potentially causing damage to the brand’s customer trust.

Uniqlo’s cross-body bag has gained significant acclaim online, with TikTok users showcasing the variety of items they can fit into it.

Uniqlo is seeking an immediate halt to Shein’s sale of its version of the bag and is also demanding compensation for the damages incurred.

Fast Retailing, the owner of Uniqlo, revealed on Tuesday that a petition had been filed in the Tokyo District Court against Shein Japan and two subsidiary companies in late December.

Uniqlo warns about fake Round Mini Shoulder bag sales online.
Uniqlo warns about fake Round Mini Shoulder bag sales online.

Videos featuring the bag have garnered millions of “likes” online over the past year, with a humorous post demonstrating a user pulling out a laptop, water bottle, candle, and even a robot vacuum and toolkit.

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The bag has been likened to Mary Poppins’ enchanted carpet bag, from which, in the 1964 musical, she extracts a hat stand and lampshade.

This nylon “round mini shoulder bag,” priced at £14.90 in the UK, has reportedly become the brand’s top-selling bag according to various reports.



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